Monday, August 31, 2009


I tell you, the title of this blog is going to be a recurring one. I have so many quilt tops that need to be finished and I can't help but start new ones as I see new ideas, buy more fabric..... I have a problem!

The way I see it, I will never catch up. I work 40+ hours a week outside the home, I have a little person who I want to spend mega amounts of time with, I have a hubby who if often neglected and I have about 16 quilt tops to complete..... if I live to be 173 I will never ever ever catch up. Now don't think I'm complaining, I love the constant chasing my tail..... honestly I do. Am I alone in feeling this way??

Anyway, here's one I finished for my lovely Aunty Bev. This one is machine pieced, and hand quilted it with circles. It took FOREVER, but it was worth it, she loved it. I choose a gorgeous butterflies and ladybugs fabric called Woodsy wonders by Janet Wecker-Frisch for this one. Aunty Bev's daughter, Vanessa, died a while back - (There is a genus of butterfly called 'Vanessa') My aunt understood the significance of the fabric choice and the circle quilting.

The owner of one of my favorite shops, GJ's Discount Fabrics (Lygon St, Brunswick, Melbourne), Georgina, showed me some awesome fabrics she was going to order way way back months ago, well, they are about 6 weeks away now.... I love them. I know they are so very different to my usual Amy Butler, Heather Bailey standard, what do you think?

Friday, August 21, 2009

I'm back!!


It's been a huge 6 months since I stopped blogging, I had a rest from all things crafty to concentrate on other areas of life, I am so glad to be back and if you're reading this, I'm glad you found me!

I have found after a bit of time off, I have come back to my quilting with a vengence.... I have completed 2 UFOs in 2 days. Not huge jobs, but things I had put off (you know how it gets, quilt tops just seem to build up!!). I have also whipped up a few quilt tops and drafted a couple of patterns for the first time. What's happening to me? Actually, it has something to do with leaving a job that was sucking the life out of me.... sad huh? Happily Mumma (me) got her life back and everything is falling back into place and chugging along as it should - Yay for me!

The first quilt I completed was this little windmill quilt for friends who had a baby last week. I started it when we got the news she was expecting and I only just finished it.
The second quilt is for my amazingly beautiful nephew, Jake. He's 18 months old and I started this when he was born. I used a Michael Miller cowboy print which is so so so cute! Sadly didn't take a pic of this one.... :(

With those little pieces done I have moved onto a Bento Box using this fantastic tutorial by Ashley from Film in the Fridge (great blog, awesome tutorials, brilliant inspiration, very pretty - that's what makes a blog a good read!!). I am doing this Bento Box using the 'Deep Sea Blue' palette of Neptune by Tula Pink - yummo, it's gorgeous. This one is for my beautiful husband, he is the only one I've neglected to make a quilt for and truthfully, he deserves one over anyone else, he is my love. He came into my sewing room, saw it and said it was beautiful, (thank god! - He doesn't know its for his birthday.) I will post photos as I work through it, but here's the start....
so much more piecing to go, I'll get there!

Another quilt top I finished off over the last week was a foundation paper pieced Stringy Quilt using another tutorial from Film in the Fridge (I'm telling you, she's awesome!!). I love how this worked out. I used scraps from all my past creations, loads of vintage Amy Butler mixed with all my new favourites. Now I just have to baste and quilt it....

Thanks for reading my blog. I will try to post every few days when I have something worthwhile to share or show.


PS: I have got a bundle of Empress Woo in Yellow. Some has been fussy cut. I no longer want these pieces and I am happy to give away. If you want them and will use them (not sell them), let me know!