Friday, March 26, 2010

I'm inspired!

I did the best two day course at Amitie during the week with Deborah Louie, machine quilter extrodinaire, and it was fantastique!!! I loved it. I learnt so much and I think I will get better with time. Practice, practice, practice. Thankfully Deb is a very patient (and kind) teacher. If you are looking to learn machine quilting, free motion, trapunto, machine applique etc. then Deb is your woman! Her blog has a list of stores/groups she is teaching at this year.

Speaking of Amitie, good God, I love that shop.... spending two days there was like being in heaven. Jenny and the girls are all so wonderful and seeing all that fabric shelved beautifully colour co-ordinated is enough to make a grown woman weep with joy, (I am not a drama queen!!)

Woo hoo! The first meeting of the Melbourne branch of the Modern Quilt Guild is being held on 22nd May, I'm pretty excited! I don't know how I will hang on for two whole months, but I have plenty keeping me busy so the time will fly.

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  1. Hi adele

    It was lovely to have you in class and you go girl, quilt up a storm.... You did a fantastic job , Plaea email me your conquestes I would love to see them