Friday, April 30, 2010

I love the quilt show!

My budget was blown today, but you know what, I had an awesome day. Had good quality alone time wandering around the quilt show, then met up with some friends, had a great chat fest, it was wonderful.

Driving home I couldn't help but think about all the husbands at the show today working in the stalls with their wives. They might not all be happy about it, (some of them looked bored stiff), but most were there, enthusiastically helping out their better halves. It was really nice to see.

Okay, so my purchases..... I finally bought myself an Ottlight, it's beautiful and bright and now I won't get zapped when I re-position the lamp light.... always a good thing I think. I also fed my 'French General' obssession, I love all the deep reds, the leaves, the birds, you get the drift. This is a quilt for my lounge area, (finally one for us!) Those prints above are some I bought today. I also have a collection of these beautiful fabrics to pick up from GJs on Monday, then that's it! No seriously....


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