Friday, May 28, 2010

My nerdy side......

The nerdier side of me means that I will spent an eternity measuring and drawing using a computer program to get an idea of what a quilt will look like. Sometimes I spent more time planning than actually piecing the quilt. True!

This half baked pic of my latest quilt drawing is part of my 'process pledge' to document how my quilts come together. I decided to do this due to the fact that I rarely finish a quilt.... this way I will be able to track my quilts from beginning to end and record the process.

Anyway, this quilt is for our lounge area, predominently dark beiges, khaki, red, black, dark wood. As much as I LOVE bright quilts, a quilt using funky lime greens and hot pinks would look bizarre in our lounge!

I'm using linen and fabrics from French General; Rounneries and Rural Jardin, for this quilt. I know this will be a no brainer super simple quilt, but I love the big shapes to show the beautiful fabric and best of all, it should take me all of about an hour to piece together and a little longer to add some brown appliqued bird shapes to add a smidge of interest. Let's see how I go.

My other project for this weekend is tidying up my sewing room.... good lord, I let it go during the week, I figure that my spare time (after work work and house work around 10pm), is time to sew, not time to clean up..... are you with me?

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Three things to share today

Firstly, I've been home sick this week, trying to stay warm, trying to sleep, I haven't been out of the house in over 6 days..... it feels really odd.

Anyway, as I haven't physically been able to stay tucked up in bed for the 144 hours that I've been housebound, I have had a couple of minutes at the machine in the wee hours of the night when I just can't sleep.

This is what I've come up with. I have been hand-sewing thousands of 2" hexies together to make a mega quilt, so I grabed a few I had sewn together and made a cute little pot holder, the inspiration came from Elizabeth at oh fransson. Not bad for a sicky chicky effort I guess.

Secondly, anyone who knows Crazy Mom Quilts will be happy to know - she's back! After signing off at the end of 2009, she has returned and has posted a few snippets. She has heaps of great tutorials and resources on her blog. good stuff!!

Thirdly, our second home is Scienceworks, we love it, we live there and visit at least once a fortnight. I took this silhouette pic of my blonde prince the other day, it looks like he's praying, but I actually think he is doing his Mr Smither's "eeeexcellent" impersonation (The Simpsons). Either way, I think it's a precious pic.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I need help....

Okay, so you saw my fabrics from French General, a good mix of 'Rouenneries' and 'Rural Jardin' - although I love love love this fabric and the colours, I really don't want the finished quilt to look too country.... that is so not me, so not my family and so not my open plan modern house.....

So, my question is, what pattern do I use to make the most of these fabulous fabrics so we end up with a contemporary looking quilt.

Any suggestions greatly appreciated!


Monday, May 3, 2010

Stitches and Craft Show

Have I got enough browny points to get to this? I have used my babysitters to the absolute max lately and hubby currently working a million hours a week....

Maybe the small blonde man in my life might like to tag along with Mummy.... I doubt it, but I will bribe him with banana bread :) (and thank god for Nintendo DS)

Will you be visiting the Stitches and Craft Show in Melbourne??