Friday, May 28, 2010

My nerdy side......

The nerdier side of me means that I will spent an eternity measuring and drawing using a computer program to get an idea of what a quilt will look like. Sometimes I spent more time planning than actually piecing the quilt. True!

This half baked pic of my latest quilt drawing is part of my 'process pledge' to document how my quilts come together. I decided to do this due to the fact that I rarely finish a quilt.... this way I will be able to track my quilts from beginning to end and record the process.

Anyway, this quilt is for our lounge area, predominently dark beiges, khaki, red, black, dark wood. As much as I LOVE bright quilts, a quilt using funky lime greens and hot pinks would look bizarre in our lounge!

I'm using linen and fabrics from French General; Rounneries and Rural Jardin, for this quilt. I know this will be a no brainer super simple quilt, but I love the big shapes to show the beautiful fabric and best of all, it should take me all of about an hour to piece together and a little longer to add some brown appliqued bird shapes to add a smidge of interest. Let's see how I go.

My other project for this weekend is tidying up my sewing room.... good lord, I let it go during the week, I figure that my spare time (after work work and house work around 10pm), is time to sew, not time to clean up..... are you with me?


  1. (Drool) I just love French General and linen, I've got some too but haven't quite mustered up the courage to cut it all up. Can't wait to see yours.

  2. Yep, me too! I keep passing by the fabric at AmitiƩ and thinking that I have to get me some, so you girls are way ahead of me! And anyway, a little nerdiness isn't a bad thing, is it?

  3. It's so, well, pretty, but not little girly, if you know what I mean, and as for tidying up the sewing room at the weekends, I only tidy mine when guests are coming to stay, or occasionally on completion of a project...

  4. Cool- I love a nerdy quilt computer programme! I'm doing my nerdy quilt plans with coloured pencils at the moment but when I change something I need to do a new picture :( What's the programme?