Friday, June 18, 2010

Help? I have no idea who this happened...

Okay, so I have had a shitty week, a real doosey and you could say I have been a bit absent minded of late.... but this is ridiculous!

I started to tidy up my fabric stash last weekend, I had very good intentions, then on Monday my Gran past away and I dropped my bundle completely. My beautiful and wonderful husband has been keeping things going and keeping the Fitzy household running..... however, everything he can't find a home for he has been piling up on top of my fabric stash on my cutting table..... what the?? (how embarrassing... things have even fallen to the floor)

If he wasn't such a kind and wonderful hunk of a man I would get rid of him :)

Guess what I'm going to try to tidy up with weekend......

1 comment:

  1. *chuckles* Keep him a bit longer, who knows he may even learn where things go one day. Though, don't hold your breath....he is a man after all.