Tuesday, July 13, 2010

H.A. - Hexies Anonymous

"My name is Mrs Fitz and I am an addict"

Ahhhh, my beloved hexies.....I am now starting to dream about hexies..... I think about them constantly. Every time my gammy fingertip taps on the keyboard it reminds me of my hexy project..... I have covered thousands and thousands of papers with beautifully coloured fabrics, I have sewn thousands of colourful gems together and my needle has gone backwards into my finger tip a countless number of times - this is your cue to say "ohhhhh poor you".

It is worth it though, this is going to be a wonderful diary of all my favorite fabrics. As with handquilted projects, the cottony softness is a constant reminder of why I love fabric and quilting so much. Patch Andi took some shots at our most recent Modern Quilt Guild meeting, so here's a snippet of my hexy project. I am currently joining all of my metre x metre pieces together.

(PS: my post title was not intended to make light of any type of addiction and that is not really my finger!!)

Oh, I almost forgot, today is Wonderful Wednesday (even though it says Tuesday above), it's hump-day! Time for one of my favourite tracks.

2. Brandi Carlile - 'The Story' from her album 'The Story' 2007 (click image to listen)
She is pretty cool, a little folksy, a little country (country is not my style). The lyrics in this song are really beautiful.


  1. You're funny!
    That is gonna be one awesome quilt when its finished!!!!
    Maybe you should try for a doctors certificate for your finger and spend the day at home making it worse ; )

  2. You are one hexy lady!!

  3. Adele your hexie quilt is looking gorgeous! I love the bright & pretty fabrics :)

  4. Oh, hello! I was wondering whose wonderful hexie work that was at the Quilt Guild meeting (didn't make it, just saw the photos). I'm in awe and admiration (you may have seen my very slack hexie effort on my blog - 2.5" hexies, it's SO cheating really). I get the addiction, I really, really get it. I'm yet to have stabbed myself quite as spectacularly though :)

  5. Ouch! Hope none of that blood got on your pretty little hexies, how big are you aiming for?