Saturday, August 21, 2010

Projects, projects everywhere....

Sometimes I have a real problem with finishing off a project before I start a new one.  I am a chronic non-finisher.

Here are two works in progress,

The first is a quilt for my darling nephew Jake, he and his parents (my sister, Dina and her husband) move into their new home in a few weeks and little Jakey will go into a big boy bed with his new quilt.

The fabric is really cute, 'Baby Animals' by Benatex.  Easy to match with other fabrics.

The second quilt was inspired by a similar quilt made by the amazing Rita from Red Pepper Quilts, I just loved it and wanted to do my own.  This will be a work in progress for a while.... so many HST, so much piecing..... didn't make a very large quilt top......  I will power on.

Today we are taking Master Fitz (he doesn't want to be referred to as 'Baby Fitz' anymore) and Jake to the pictures to see 'Marmaduke'

Have a lovely Sunday. xx

Friday, August 20, 2010

Wanted: One longarm quilting machine.....

Yes, I am saving for my O/S trip, but I have made the decision to also save for a longarm quilting machine.  I actually need one, badly.  I have the room ready for it.

If anyone knows of a machine for sale, please yell out!!  :)

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Oh how I love You Tube.....

What do you do if you're sick and you are too sore to stay in bed day after day? 

Well, if you're me, you read a million and one blogs, then surf You Tube.....   Aside from finding some great quilty related clips - like the hand basting method Gina used at one of our MMQG meetings with the two boards.... (fascinating!) - there are so many awesome music clips and anyone who knows me, knows I love music more than fabric.... I know, I know, shocking!

Anyway, I love this song, but I love the clip better..... v. clever.

Then there is the brilliant Phil Hansen (Philinthecircle).  I check out his artwork every few months.... he is quite amazing.  This is one of his earlier clips.  Enjoy

Friday, August 6, 2010

The hexie project continues......

I'm not well, so I'm sitting up in bed sewing hexies, hexies, hexies. This is my little work station (a stable table tray) and the sections I have managed to sew together. I seem to be sewing constantly, and don't have too much to show for it..... I really do love my pretty gems though.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Jesus and the Loch Ness Monster

Baby Fitz said something that made me laugh today. He goes to a Christian School where they obviously do a lot of religious instruction. He asked me, "Mumma, is Jesus like the Loch Ness Monster?"...... "Um, I'm not sure what you mean" I say. My mind was racing trying to find the link.... He says "Well, I think he is, because some people believe in him and some people don't". I think this is a very good analogy for a 6 year old. Then he says "I mean really, a guy who lives in the sky... come on!"

Okay, what on earth can I say to that, I was still back at the part where my child was comparing Jesus to the Loch Ness Monster? (You should know that I am not religious at all in any way shape or form). I think I said something about it being really wonderful that people can have differing views and make up their own minds about things like Jesus. I am wondering, however, what the answer will be if he asks one of his teachers this question. Oh to be a fly on the wall...... very interesting.