Friday, December 31, 2010

New years morning

Happy new year!!

Hope everyone had an ace Chrissy. We headed to Mildura for a couple of days..... happy to be home.

Got a few cookbooks from the fam, this one was my fave,

Jane Kennedy: Fabulous Food Minus the Boombah

Love it!!! You have to adore a book with the word 'boombah' in the title!

Well, no headache this morning, yay! I showed great restraint, even with the trays of cosmopolitans floating around the NYE party last night. Good girl. What a night. Thanks S&D, we love you.

New years resolutions:
loose 20 kilos,
get preggers by end of 2011 - (no pressure Fitz),
have saved mega $ for the NYC trip in 2012


Thursday, December 9, 2010

Christmas Cards

I'm a little late in making my Christmas cards this year.  I usually cut the card myself, use ribbons, fancy cutters etc etc.  This year, I am less motivated.  Maybe I'm just too busy, maybe it's because I'm too tired, (turning 40 makes you a bit tired and emotional....)

Do you think I can find ready made pieces of white card ready for a photo to be banged on the front?  Officeworks have nothing!  Spotlight - nothing!  Any ideas peeps??

PS, this is the pic I'm using for my cards this year.  Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Finished just in time....

Today is my little man's last day of school..... I know, it's only the 8th of December.  In the 70's we didn't start Christmas holidays until much much much closer to the 25th.  Anyway, today is the last day of school and as I leave everything to the last possible minute I only just completed his teacher's Christmas present last night.

Everything that could go wrong with this quilt did go wrong.  My ever faithful, always reliable machine, started to play up and the tension of some of the stitches was wonky wonky...... pulled them out, started again, more time delay.  The binding didn't catch when I sewed it on.... this never happens to me, it did this time.  Then to make matters worse, whilst hand sewing the binding down I pricked my finger so hard I almost touched the bone.  I was so stunned with pain I didn't move my finger quickly enough and a droplet of blood found it's way onto the beautiful lined backing.  Scrub scrub scrub.... more time delay.

It all worked out in the end and I am sure she will love it!  My little boy wrote her a note and I scanned it onto the quilt label, v. cute.

All packed up ready to go!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Vintage Amy Butler

I love and adore my Amy Butler fabric and find it difficult to use.  Sometimes I would rather just love and caress my Amy Butler fabric instead of actually cutting into it.

The decision to use the last from my Amy Butler Belle range was a no-brainer when it came to making something for my son's teacher's Christmas present.

How do we thank someone for teaching our child, for being a champion for our child, genuinely caring for our child, for being a wonderfuly tough but fair teacher?  Well, the way I do it is by cutting up my beloved Amy Butler.

On another exciting note, we have a new puppy.  Lucille (toy poodle, 12 weeks), joined our family during the week and we are totally besotted with her.  You would have to be completely in love with something to forgive all the weeing and pooing indoors......