Sunday, May 1, 2011

Comfort for a loved friend

Yesterday I went fabric shopping with Lainey.  We went out to Gail B's and rummaged through all they have to offer and had a good shop.  After dropping Lainey off, I nicked in to Amitie to see if I could find what I was looking for..... I was really on a hunt for something mauvey/lilacy.  Boy, did I find it at Amitie.  Innocent Crush, $17 per metre, grabbed half a metre of each, some solids and some other purplish fabrics and I was out of there in 12 minutes flat.

I was originally making this for my middle sister (who adores purple, lilac, mauve - you get my drift), however, the whole time I was making the blocks, I was not sure she would really like it, actually I am pretty sure she it would be too much colour for her.  A minute or two after that realisation my hubby came in and as soon as he saw the quilt on the design board, said, "Oh, is that for *******?  She will love those colours, how nice."  He is so right, ******* will love this quilt and it will be nice to hibernate under whilst she recovers from her chemo treatment (again).  ****** is a beautiful family friend who we all love dearly.  She is a fighter!

I am still moving blocks around, there are a few spots of light and dark..... it was very random, perhaps too random.  It'll be fine.

So, my sister will get the next quilt.  I will have to choose carefully.  I know she won't mind.  xx


  1. This is gorgeous mate! It will be just what the doctor ordered!

  2. Isn't it amazing how a quilt can be just perfect for a certain person!!! I'm sure it will be well received and that your sister will also receive something perfect for her.....eventually!
    Andi x