Tuesday, May 3, 2011

MMQG Pin Cushion Swap

I really find swaps very stressful.  I'm not normally a stressed person, however, when making something for someone else I am filled with dread. 

I think my receiver will like the concept, it's pretty, it's simple, it's red and black and has a skull front and centre.  As soon as I finished it, I made one for myself.

Here's a sneaky peaky


  1. Looks good mate, who was this one for?
    I only sent mine out this morning, Oops!

  2. I wonder who that could be for ;)

  3. Oh! My colour scheme ... can't wait to see the whole item.

  4. Adele, I love my pin cushion! it is so me, I love the colours and I love the skull button and I love the bandana print. I guess i'll be aligning myself with the bloods in LA