Friday, December 9, 2011

The debate

Today I took a well earned annual leave day for my birthday. I planned the day starting with helping in a craft class with my son's class. Then off to a favorite quilt shop an hour away for 2 hours of uninterupted serious fabric shopping..... bliss. All was perfect until I remembered with a shudder that this quilt shop tear your fabric off the bolt. I feel the tear everytime and it always annoys me that there are always threads everywhere. I'd been given money for my birthday to spend on fabric. I bit the bullet and asked the lady if it would be at all possible to cut my fabric, not tear.... a fairly innocent question....not too unreasonable. She said no.... Huh? Really? Ok, tear away, I thought.... Tear away for the last time. I got home, squared up my fabric, cleaned up all the loose threads and low and behold all of my pieces of fabric were well short of what I had actually requested. Not happy, not fair, not ever going back.

It is easier to shop online sadly, no travel, cheaply well cut fabrics. Sad huh?

I think I've banged in about this before. Sorry, just gave me the shits!!

All that aside, I got loads of gorgeous fabrics. I'll post pics tomorrow


  1. Happy birthday Del. I completely agree about fabric tearing, if they must do it then they should cut generously!

  2. Many happies Adele! And yes, that's always annoyed me too! Tearing means rough estimates of length, and not only that, it also can pull the fabric out of shape, which means that you might have to trim more, so you get neither the yardage you need for your project, not what you've paid for. Sloppy deal all round.