Monday, March 21, 2011

ah.... fabric shopping.....

Yesterday I zipped down to GJs in Lygon Street during my lunch break and the rumours were true..... all the patchwork fabric was now on the ground floor.  I won't miss the stairs up to the dream room ont he top floor! 

The entire ground floor is is filled with shelves containing everyone's favorites and it's all fresh and new and beautiful!   You still get the 'ahhhhh' feeling, only now you get it as soon as you enter the store!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The price of tea in China

Okay, so I'm not going to really rant about the price of tea in China, however, I going to rant about the price of fabric and patterns in Australia!    I just purchased two patterns plus shipping from Heather Bailey's online store (including postage) for US$23.02 (AU$23.22).  Purchasing the same from an online store here in Oz would have cost me AU$37 (incl postage)......   WTF??

So, when prices go up, fabric costs go up.... however, when our dollar is strong and we are getting more bang for our buck, aren't the wholesalers and store owners also reaping the rewards?   Why is it that when the prices really go down, we never see any decrease?

I know I may see things fairly simplistically as I am not a trader and don't buy wholesale, but the whole premise of a strong dollar, buying from a country like the US with a weak dollar means you save some..... don't you? 

Buying online from the US is crippling our stores, it means that we may have less stores  where we can peruse and fondle beautiful crisp quilting cottons.... however, the price of health insurance, school fees, interest rates, food, petrol, car insurance, doctors bills (you get my drift), mean that I will save money where I can and if I can save $15 for 2 patterns coming from the US, sadly I will do it guilt free.  Whilst I will buy Australian as much as possible, it is not always right for me.

I would love to hear your view.


PS: here are the patterns I purchased, cute huh?

Saturday, March 5, 2011

I found my quilty mojo.......

I've been down for a couple of months, not interested in much, not even quilting..... I know, awful huh!  Anyway, things are getting a whole lot better and much more enjoyable and I have found my quilty mojo, right where I left it...... Phew!!

I have looked at the Curlicue Crush on Bec's blog, Chasing Cottons over the past few weeks and I have ummed and ahhhed about ordering the pattern.... if I ordered it, I would have to make it and that seemed too hard to contemplate.

Well I ordered the pattern the other night, got the PDF (I love downloadable patterns so much), and have cut out about half of the requirements.  I'm loving it so far!  I'm using a mix various French General ranges - some I've been collecting for a while, others I have only bought today from Essendon Patchwork. Not my usual colour combos, but it will suit our place, lots of red, taupe, creams.  


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