About Me

Okay, so you really want to know 'About Me'.... gee, thanks.

I don't suffer fools easily, I do laugh a lot, I don't care about material possessions, I do care about fabric possessions.

I like people who laugh easily, I don't like pretentiousness, I like dogs, I don't like cats, I like chocolate (a lot!!), I don't like dishonesty.

I am happy, I am not thin, I am generous, I am not good at housework.

I love my family unconditionally, I love my friends unconditionally.

My blog name, email address and a number of other things happening are called Bravosgrandkid.  My Nanny was a huge part of my life.  She died in 1988 when I was 18, I was devastated.  Nan was the eldest of 4 girls, her little sisters thought she was brave, they called her Bravo..... I'm her grandkid